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Hi! Welcome to CityFox.

We are a private hire taxi service based in Bristol and Bath.
We're proud of a lot of things here at CityFox, but we believe
a few key elements help us stand out above the competition.
Every single one of our taxis offers the option to pay on card,
provides the luxury of free WiFi, and we have a range of
wheelchair accessible vehicles in our fleet.

We don't believe in complicating things here at CityFox.
Instead, we'd rather get you from A to B with a smile, a great
price, and in comfort and style.

Whether you're just heading round the corner or travelling
long distance, CityFox aims to provide you with a personal,
quality travel experience.

Now, you can meet the team, find out about our vehicles
or cut straight to it and use our fare calculator to get your
journey started.

Thanks for choosing CityFox, and enjoy!

"If ever I need a reliable, friendly taxi,
this is the firm I'm calling" - Jayne D.

"Great service, will recommend to all
my friends and family- paid by card,
too!" - Nick L.

"Driver was super friendly, cab was
smart and clean." - Vicky S.

"Fantastic service. I needed proof of my
journey and they sorted it within a few
hours of me phoning." - Matthew M.
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CityFox Group
Trelawney House, Surrey Street, Bristol, BS28PS


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